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2019/2020 season registration –

2019/2020 House League registration –

2019/2020 Coach application –

Junior Knights registration –

Opens: July 15, 2019 – 8AM


July 15 to August 15 – regular registration, no late fee applied.

August 15 to Close – registrations accepted if space permits, late fee of $150 applied.


2019-2020 Season Registration opens July 15


Registration information

Registration fees

Financial Assistance

Respect in Sport – Parents Edition

Volunteer Bond

Quadrant Tryouts

South Calgary Hockey House League

Junior Knights Program


Knights Communities

Knights Hockey provides minor hockey programs for the families residing in the following communities:

Bonavista Downs, Deer Ridge, Deer Run, Diamond Cove, Lake Bonavista, Parkland, Queensland, Chaparral Ridge, Chaparral Valley, Lake Chaparral, Lake Sundance, Legacy, Midnapore and Walden


Registration information

The Knights Hockey Club registration for the 2019/2020 season will open July 15, 2019! The season we will be using the TeamSnap registration system. Some of you may have used this system last season and some of you might be using it for the first time! All player and coach registrations this year will be processed through TeamSnap.

The process is similar to past years registration but there are some important differences to take note of. Please review the information/changes below:

  • EMAIL ADDRESS: The email address that you list as the players email will be used as our main point of contact email for your family. All communication will be sent to this email address. Please don’t use an address that isn’t monitored daily. If you have used TeamSnap in past seasons, use the same email address to register.


  • HOCKEY CANADA-HOCKEY ID: You will not be able to register without your players Hockey Canada ID#. Click on this link for a “how to” on locating your Hockey Canada ID#: Locating your Hockey Canada ID


  • RESPECT IN SPORT: If you are new to hockey you must first take the ” Respect In Sport – Parent Edition (RIS)” online course before you can register online with the Knights. The fee for this course is $12.00.  Choose “KNIGHTS” as your hockey association. This course expires after 4 years. Courses completed in the 2015-2016 season expired May 1, 2019. Families that do not have this course will be unable to register online.  The Respect in Sport – Parent Edition can be found here: RESPECT IN SPORT FOR PARENTS


  • HOCKEY CANADA DIVISION: (aka age group) is also required. Please select the correct division you are registering your participant for as determined by the year of participant’s birth. Birth years for each division are as follows:
    • Adult: Coaches – please select ADULT as your division when completing the coach application
    • Timbits: 2013 & 2014 (Please note that Timbits is referred to as Initiation)
    • Novice: 2011 & 2012
    • Atom: 2009 & 2010
    • Peewee: 2007 & 2008
    • Bantam: 2005 & 2006
    • Midget: 2002 – 2004
  • HOCKEY CANADA POSITION: You will be asked to select your players position. Select either forward, defence or goalie. This answer is only applicable to Atom goalies, and the Peewee to Midget age groups. Answers for all other players will be disregarded.


  • FLAMES EVEN STRENGTH PROGRAM: The Flames Even Strength Program (FESP) is administered through Hockey Calgary. The FESP online application can be found here: If you are applying for FESP (player subsidy), select YES in response to the FESP question at checkout. The full subsidy amount ($700) will be subtracted from your fees. The remaining balance, if applicable, can be paid in installments.


  • FOR PLAYERS TRYING OUT FOR QUADRANT HOCKEY (BUFFALOES): Players trying out for quadrant hockey are required to register with their home association. If you do not register with the Knights, we can not guarantee that a spot will be held for the player. Select YES in response to the quadrant tryout question at checkout. You will be required to pay a $100 deposit at the time of registration. In the event that the player returns to play for the Knights, payment is due prior to their first ice time. Please contact the office at to make arrangements to pay your fees.


  • MEDICAL FORM: New this year! The player medical form will be completed at the time of registration and uploaded into your player profile. You can not register until this step is completed. Medical forms are kept confidential and can only be seen by the Administrator and the Team Manager. 2 options for uploading your players medical form:
    1. Complete the fillable PDF online, SAVE it to your computer and UPLOAD the saved document.
    2. Print off the PDF, fill it out and UPLOAD either a scan or picture of the document.


  • WAIVERS: Knights and Hockey Calgary waivers, acknowledgment of policies and consent will be required during the registration process and will need a digital signature; the system will prompt you to type a name it is expecting – copy it exactly.


Registration fees

Fees for Minor Hockey programs (other than House League) offered by Knights Hockey are listed below:

Birth Year Program July 15 –

Aug 14

Aug 15 -Close

(subject to approval)

2013-2014 Timbits (Initiation) $700 $700
2011-2012 Novice $965 $1115
2009-2010 Atom $1075 $1225
2007-2008 Pee Wee $1145 $1295
2005-2006 Bantam $1210 $1360
2002-2004 Midget $1235 $1385
  • LATE FEE: A late fee of $150.00 is applied on August 15 so register early to get the lowest fee!



There is a non-refundable administration fee of $25.00 applied to all player withdrawals prior to the start of player evaluations. Once evaluations have started, and prior to teams being established, 50% of the total registration fee will be refunded. No refunds will be provided after teams have been formed except for withdrawal due to medical reason or family relocation out of zone 9. In such cases, refunds will be pro-rated. Medical withdrawal requirements are outlined below:

    • Medical certificate (on medical practice letterhead)
    • Date of diagnosis
    • Medical reason/recommendation for non-participation
    • Printed name and signature of medical professional
    • The refund will be prorated based on the date of diagnosis

Once a medical refund has been given, the player will be removed from the official roster and will no longer be allowed to participate in team activities.  The roster spot will now be considered vacant and could be filled by a new player registration.

No refunds will be issued for suspended players.

Notice of withdrawals will only be accepted via email to the Administrator at The date and time stamp of the email will be used to determine eligibility and what refund scenario is applicable.

HOUSE LEAGUE: Fees for the South Calgary House Hockey League for the 2019/2020 season are $700 per player.


Financial Assistance

Families that require financial assistance may apply to one of the programs below.  Those families wishing to inquire about Financial Assistance are asked to contact the Administrator at with notification of your intention to apply for Financial Assistance.

The Knights Hockey Club is proud to support its members.   Both the Mavericks and Breakers have programs in place to provide financial assistance specifically to Knights Hockey Club families.  We will be combining the two programs into one very quickly.  Further details will be provided in the coming weeks.

Hockey Calgary provides funding only through the Flames Even Strength Program (FESP) application.  You will be required to complete your FESP application online. Please use the following link to submit your FESP application:

FESP funding for 2019-2020 is set at a maximum of $700.00.

Here are links to options for financial assistance with Knights’s fees:


Respect In Sport – Parents Edition

Hockey Calgary requires that all NEW players/families complete the Respect in Sport (RIS) Parent program prior to registering. The course costs $12 and is valid for 4 years.  Returning families who completed the RIS in 2015 or prior will be required to recertify their RIS Parent prior to registering for the 2019/20 season.

**Important note – please make sure to select KNIGHTS as your association​ (choosing anything other than KNIGHTS will result in delays in the registration process)​**

To complete the Respect in Sport please use the following link:

If RIS Parent is current and you have older children playing with the Knights, you are not required to complete the RIS again.  You will have to go into the child management area of the RIS site and add the newest child to your account. Here is a link to help in this step:CLICK HERE.

RIS Parent and Coach are both transferable from other sports, ie. Ringette, Lacrosse, Baseball, etc. For your reference, here are instructions for you to port your certification to hockey (RIS from soccer applies to Coach RIS only – parents do not take the course with the Calgary Minor Soccer Association)


For Coaches:
To transfer a certificate from another organization to Hockey Alberta’s coach program go to and choose to register a new user. In the first field at the top of the registration page, enter the existing certificate number and click the “check” box. It will then be validated and you can complete the coach application with the association.


For parents:
To transfer a certificate from another organization to Hockey Alberta’s parent program go to and choose to register a new user. In the first field at the top of the registration page enter the existing certificate number and click check. It will then be validated and you can register the player with the association.

If you encounter any problems in your efforts to re certify, please send an email to


Volunteer Bond

Many of our association members are unaware of just how much volunteer work and fundraising is necessary to operate and administer a quality hockey program. The purpose of the Knights Volunteer Bond Program is to encourage all Association members to become actively involved in the operation and success of the Association   The more volunteers we have the more success we have for the players, teams and association. Participation in the volunteer bond program is a mandatory component of registration with the association and in no way does it exclude families from volunteering with their player’s team. A minimum of 10 hours of Association Approved volunteer work is required to fulfill each family’s Volunteer Bond obligations per season.  There are many opportunities to volunteer throughout the season. A list of board approved volunteer positions will be posted on the website each season. The value of the Volunteer Bond is set at $200.00 per family per year.

More information about the Knights Volunteer Bond can be found here: Volunteer Bond Program


Quadrant Tryouts

If you are a Bantam or Midget aged player who intends to try out for the Calgary Buffaloes, you must register with BOTH the Knights and the Calgary Buffaloes.

Players registering with the Knights must register using the registration link on the Knights Registration page.  When registering, simply choose the quadrant tryout option within the Bantam and Midget age group categories. There is a $100 registration fee deposit required at the time of registration.  If the player is released back to the Knights, the registration fee must be paid prior to the player’s first evaluation skate with the Knights.  Contact the registrar at to arrange payment. Should your player be returned to the Knights for the 2019-20 season and they are not registered with the Knights, there is no guarantee they will be accepted and a late registration fee of $150 will apply if accepted.

Players wishing to tryout with the Calgary Buffaloes must also register using the Buffaloes registration link found on their website.  If you are unsure about how to register as a Quadrant player, please visit the Calgary Buffaloes website at: or contact the Calgary Buffaloes Registrar at


South Calgary Hockey House League

The Flames Community House Hockey League is a partnership between the Calgary Flames organization, Hockey Calgary and its member associations.  The goal is to provide recreational players the opportunity to play organized hockey that is affordable, fun and safe, with moderate, consistent, time and location commitments allowing for participation in other social, academic or recreational activities. It also provides players with limited skills and knowledge an introduction to the game in a less intimidating format. The program is regionally based, offering participants a chance to play the great game of hockey with less time and travel commitments.

The Calgary Flames continue to sponsor House League hockey by providing game jerseys and socks.  The Flames jerseys will be provided in a variety of colors and will provide the House League with their own identity within the Hockey Calgary program. Jerseys have been provided on a 2-year rotation. There will be a new batch of jersey and socks for the 2019-20 season and therefore players will be returning jerseys at the conclusion of the season.

This is NOT a “learn to skate” program.  Players should have the basic fundamentals of skating including; stopping, gliding, turning, moving backwards and the proper technique for falling down and getting up.

 South Calgary Hockey House League

The South Calgary Hockey House League (SCHHL) is one of 4 regionally based House Leagues operating under the Flames Community House Hockey League umbrella. Beginning in 2015-2016 and the purpose of the (SCHHL) is to provide players the opportunity to play organized hockey that is affordable, fun, and with moderate, consistent commitments allowing for participation in other social, academic or recreational activities.

The South Calgary Hockey House League is a partnership of the following Hockey Associations and we are sponsored by the Flames Community House Hockey League:

  • Blackfoot Hockey Association
  • Bow Valley Hockey Society
  • Knights Hockey Club
  • Southwest Hockey Association

 Please read the House League Welcome Packet for more information about the South Calgary Hockey House League: SCHHL Information


Junior Knights Program

  • This is non-competitive introduction to hockey for 4-year-old players with the Knights. No previous hockey experience is necessary. Sessions will follow the Hockey Alberta Discovery Program.
  • Registration fees include a Jr Knights Jersey for new players. The program offers 10 sessions in the fall and 10 sessions in the winter.
  • Jr Knights will include players 4 years of age as of December 31, 2019.  Players must be residents of Hockey Alberta Zone 9.